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Hi , what cracked you up today?

Hi , what cracked you up today?


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Alex brings the ipad to me, one of the games he'd like to play needs updating. So he's standing in front of me yelling: PRESS THE BUTT, PRESS THE BUTT, NOT WORKING!!! TKCMU

Alex  3 years

I'm sitting here listening to Mikey being incredibly encouraging to his little brother, and I am completely moved. "You can do it, Al. Great work, Alex. Excellent, you are doing great!" Then I realize that all this encouragement is because Alex is cleaning Mikey's room! TKCMU

Mikey  9 years

Alex attacks me at random times of the day with a kiss and a "Lup you, mommy". But now he's adding a wink. ;) TKCMU

Alex  2.5 years

While watching the slope style snowboarding in the Olympics-M says.....momma poppa, I wanna do that. That's awesome!!! I wanna ride Santa's skateboard. TKCMU

Murray  3.5 years

I like them so badly ( about the Christmas lights) TKCMU

Zara  3.5 years